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For more than 45 years, Marshall Excelsior Company has established itself as a forward-thinking manufacturer, delivering exceptional LPG & NH3 equipment that sets industry standards in innovation and eco-friendly products, all while maintaining competitive pricing. Our comprehensive product range caters to various applications, including LPG & NH3 Bulk Plant, Transport, Delivery/Dispensing, and Domestic uses. As we constantly expand our product line, our focus remains on enhancing functionality, elevating quality and performance standards, all without imposing excessive costs. Throughout the design process, our engineering team heavily relies on customer input, enabling us to carve out a distinctive niche where safety and performance go hand-in-hand. Our ultimate objective is to develop the safest equipment solutions for everyday operations while maximizing product transfer, dispensing, or usage, resulting in overall cost savings for our valued customers.

 In addition to our philosophy of new product development, our approach to daily operations stands out for its uniqueness. In an era marked by rising material, fuel, and manufacturing costs, we not only maintain competitiveness but lead the industry in on-time deliveries and short lead times. The key lies in our effective manufacturing practices and one of the most extensive on-hand inventories available. This empowers our distributors to respond swiftly without carrying excessive stock.Combine these advantages with our proactive and responsive sales and customer service staff, and the result is a winning combination.

Being one of the industry leaders in responsiveness, our organization places great importance on the ability to react swiftly. Hence, we have implemented a fully integrated manufacturing and purchasing process. Our manufacturing capabilities span from high-volume production to customized solutions, bolstered by a diverse range of manufacturing equipment, highly skilled personnel, and dedicated purchasing staff. These attributes, coupled with our top-notch ISO9001 quality system, position us as a formidable competitor to our closest counterparts.

Throughout our journey, Marshall Excelsior Company has become a trusted name, offering not only high-quality products and services but also serving as a reliable partner in our customers’ business growth. Together, with our unwavering commitment to the industries we serve and our drive to enhance and expand our product line, our customers consistently find reasons to endorse our organization. It is through these personal connections that our family-owned and operated business has become the respected entity it is today. We are confident that as our company continues to develop and mature within our industries, Marshall Excelsior Company will emerge as the preferred brand of choice.

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Plants I Truck I I Commercial I Domestic Applications

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Valves I Fittings I Accessories


Valves I Fittings I Accessories

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Valves I Fittings I Accessories


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