LPG Plants I LPG Transport Equipment

Excela-Wynd LPG Hose Reel System
(with Wireless Control System)

Turbo-Flow LPG Transfer System
(Loading/Unloading Application)

Dont Throw Gas/Money in to Air / Turbo-Flo Save Your Gas = Save Your Money

High-Flow LPG Globe Valves / LPG Angle Valves
Increase LPG Operations Flow Efficiency Up To 70%

“Full-Flow” Casted Elbows, Tees & Fittings for LPG Trucks Piping Loops
(Upgrade Your LPG Trucks Piping from old, welded fittings to Full-Flow Casted Fittings)

“Versa-Fill” High Flow Bypass Valve For LPG Application
Upgrade your LPG Bobtail/LPG Pump Efficiency

“Excela-Flange” LPG Hose End Valves – LPG Dispensing Valves

“Excela-Flange” LPG Excess Flow Valves

“Excela-Flange” LPG Back Check Valves

“Excelerator” LPG Internal Valves with Actuators & Accessories

LPG Emergency Shutt off Valve with Actuators & Pneumatic Control Kits

LPG Flow Indicating Swing Check Valves

LPG Y Strainers I LPG Dispensing Filters

LPG Adopters I LPG Couplings

ACME Caps for LPG Applications

Smart Interlock Systems for LPG Applications

LPG Container Thermometer – LPG Pressure Guage & Fittings

LPG Needle Valves I LPG Vent Valves

LPG Liquid Transfer Valves & Adaptors