NFPA 20: Fire Pump Design
December 20, 2021
Firefighting Pumps in Pakistan
December 29, 2021


When we talk about fire and safety in Pakistan so we find that in this region codes of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), certifications of Universal Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM) are apply in design, installation of fire & safety systems. In 2016 Pakistan Government established Building Codes (Fire & Safety Provision 2016) in which also NFPA 20 codes with UL and FM certifications are followed and recommended


Currently in Pakistan different sectors have different requirement of standards for fire pumps and fire pumps packages as below:

1. Standard Fire Pumps & Fire Pump Packages (Non-UL/FM Certified)

These type of fire pumps and packages are complying only require flow and head without complying to any NFPA, UL, FM codes and standard or certifications. Cost wise these fire pumps and packages are lowest in prices but not consider as much reliable compare to UL/FM certified and NFPA 20 compliance fire pump and fire pump packages.

2. NFPA 20 Comply Fire Pumps & Fire Pump Packages

These type of fire pumps and packages are complying to NFPA 20 codes and standards but without any certification of UL/FM. In some cases, 3rd party testing certificate. Cost wise these fire pumps and fire pumps packages cost are higher than standard fire pumps and packages and lower than UL listed FM approved fire pumps and packages

  • UL listed FM Approved or Certified Fire Pumps & Fire Pump Packages

When any end user intends to install fire pumps and fire pump packages without compromising quality, reliability, efficiency and performance and actually want to make their premises safer so their first and only option are UL listed and FM approved/certified fire pumps and fire pump packages. Although UL/FM certified fire pumps and fire pump packages are most expensive option but when we consider safety so never consider the cost of UL/FM certified fire pumps and fire pump packages.

BETWEEN UL/FM / NFPA 20 Comply / Standard

UL Listed FM Approved Fire Pumps & Fire Pump PackagesNFPA 20 Comply Fire Pumps & Fire Pump PackagesStandard Fire Pumps & Fire Pump Packages
Consisting on Electric + Diesel + Jockey Pump SetsConsisting on Electric + Diesel + Jockey Pump SetsConsisting on Electric + Diesel + Jockey Pump Sets
Each Set have separate controllerEach Set have separate controller but some time one controller for all pumps setsOne Controller for all pump sets
Pumps are UL listed and FM approved as wellPumps are only comply to NFPA 20 codesStandard Pumps focusing on rated flow and head only
Electric Motor are always UL listed and FM approved as wellMotors are only complying to NFPA 20 codesStandard Motors as per require power and rpms only
Diesel Engine are always UL listed and FM approved as wellDiesel Engines are to NFPA 20 codes complianceStandard Diesel Engines as per require power and rpms only
Each Pump Unit will have its own separate UL listed & FM approved Fire Pump ControllerOne controller for complete package and for all pump setsOne standard controller for complete package
Need positive suction head at pump endNeed positive suction head at pump endInstall with Negative Suction head at pump end which effect efficiency and risk factors of dry run.
All other valves, fittings and accessories are also required UL/FM certifiedStandard valve, fittings and accessories supply with this packageGeneral valves, fittings and accessories supplied with the package

Universal Laboratories (UL) & Factory Mutual (FM)

Professionals are well aware about the logos of UL or FM to be seen in major products of firefighting system. UL listing and FM approvals are also applicable in fire pumps and fire pump packages where these certificate holders fire pumps and fire pump packages are undoubtedly regarded as excellent manufacturing, quality, reliability, efficiency and performances. Both UL listing and FM approvals are actually followed National Fire Protection Association codes NFPA 20 especially designated for fire pumps and packages.

Let’s Define FM Approvals or Certificate?

Factory Mutual (FM) Global USA is an international organization working as property insurance and loss prevention engineering company, which is considered the largest mutual insurance company in the world as well as one of the American product testing institutes with the highest standard of quality control procedures.

So! What is Difference Between UL & FM Approval Certifications?

FM Approvals, a testing lab under FM Global, gives confirmation benefits that are perceived around the world, and the FM APPROVED imprints are respected for thorough guidelines of value. All over the planet as a general rule, just the FM supported firefighting items are offered property and fire protections by the insurance agencies.

M Global was set up in 1835 and has been developing with its customers for almost 180 years from that point onward. Up until this point, north of 33% of the Fortune Global 500 have been FM’s customers, among them are modern monsters, for example, Airbus, the Boeing Company, Intel, FedEx, and so on A large portion of the assembling bases of these driving businesses overall are FM Global customers. FM Global is zeroing in on creating related laws and guidelines in order to furnish item confirmations with better expectations.

Let’s Define the UL certificate?

UL represents Underwriter Laboratories Inc., which is the most legitimate testing foundation in the United States and one of the world’s biggest public security testing labs.

UL is an autonomous, non-benefit association giving proficient public security testing. It applies logical testing way to deal with deciding how much the material, gadgets, items, hardware, and structures are unsafe to human existence and property, so responsive guidelines can be checked, planned, and distributed as the countermeasures against information that will cause the death toll and property while directing insight research tasks.

More or less, UL’s significant assignment is to perform item wellbeing affirmations and issue wellbeing endorsements fully intent on guaranteeing the item wellbeing in the worldwide product market, subsequently adding to human wellbeing and property security. Considering eliminating worldwide exchange and innovation obstructions through item wellbeing accreditations, UL assumes a functioning part in the advancement of global exchange and improvement.

UL was set up in 1894 and began with reserves given by fire protection division. It was not until 1916 that UL at long last turned into an autonomous organization. Over almost 100 years of improvement, UL has separated itself from worldwide contenders and proceeded to be one of the world’s most perceived endorsements organizations. UL itself has an efficient administration instrument just as standard techniques for item certificates and improvement.

So! what’s the difference between UL and FM?

Regularly, UL and FM both have gained notoriety for testing; be that as it may, their experiences are what makes them so unique. FM gives protections while UL is zeroing in primarily on item testing. FM dominates in the firefighting field; UL has gone to purchaser gadgets as well as firefighting gear. In this way, it doesn’t make any difference which is better. What makes a difference is the interest of the objective market.

Why is UL listed & FM Approval Certifications Important?

he firefighting business closely relates to life-and-demise circumstances; along these lines, makers, partially, need to assume liability for their own items to win the certainty of possible customers/purchasers. Thinking about item accreditations before buying can enormously decrease your danger of deciding on lower-quality items. Likewise, the makers will not endure notoriety harm and loss of customers brought about by the low-quality items they are making and selling, which is without a doubt a hopeless scenario.

We urge you to purchase ensured items, following the tips on item buying referenced previously.

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